That is understandable. You don't get married that often in life after all. 

The first part is really straight forward: find someone with a photography style you love. This ties in with the dilemma of choosing between an artist and a studio. You will usually find that a boutique professional artist will have a consistent look throughout their work, whereas most studios do not. Most will hire whichever photographer is available to them on the day which makes it difficult to know what kind of photographs - and more importantly what style of photography - you will end up with.

Secondly, you need to be able to connect with the photographer. It is important to find someone you have a great deal of confidence in. Your photographer will often guide you through the day and will play a big role in how high your stress levels will be. Having a photographer that you have complete confidence in is one of the easiest ways to ensure you can actually sit back and enjoy your wedding day.

Finally, value for money. Unlike most purchases in life, wedding photography is something that will capture and form a vital part of the heritage of your family for generations. Price does not guarantee quality however. My greatest piece of advice would be: find out exactly what you are paying for and ensure your money is going towards what really matters in the long term. Money spent on image, album and print quality is what will make the difference on such an important piece of your family's history.

Q. Do you shoot the weddings yourself?

Yes! This is my full time career and my passion.

I chose this career to be an artist, not a business manager.

From the first email or phone call to the viewing and album design sessions I am your first point of contact.

I operate my business with a very important underlying concept: I interact with my clients the way I expect to be treated when I personally purchase a service. Clearly, concisely and with respect.

Q. How would you describe your photography style?

Natural yet with a high level of quality and glam that would be right at home in Vogue magazine.

I believe that any wedding photographer should deliver a large number of professional grade images. The art needs to not come at the expense of capturing all of the meaningful and important moments in the day!

It's a very difficult balance and one that takes years of experience in the areas of lighting, posing, people skills, composition and post processing. I am a master of manipulating natural light and also thrive when the light levels drop. This is very handy on a wedding day where your photographer needs to be able to deal with any and all conditions.

Being that this is my life's passion, I spend a large part of my time researching expressions and colour science. That knowledge goes into every wedding I produce.

Q. Can we meet you before the wedding?


I love meeting would-be - and current and former - wedding clients. It's the part of my job that reminds me of how amazing this career is. That's why I set up pre-booking and first-viewing sessions over a coffee and chocolate at some of my favourite cafes around Sydney.

Q. Do you do weddings outside of Sydney? Interstate? Overseas?

I sure do.

I have very reasonable travel fees that are worked out on a case-by-case basis.

I'm always looking for an excuse to go on a road trip. Or a plane trip. If you have a destination wedding, contact me.

Q. How long does it take to receive the images after the wedding?

I aim to have your private gallery set up and first viewing session booked with you within 6-10 weeks of your wedding day.


Contact me and we'll arrange a meeting or phone call to go over the finer details. Following on from that I send through your contract and a deposit will ensure your date is locked in.